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SO PROUD !!!!!!:)

My 2 nieces came round last night with my sister for half an hour to see me bless them and do you know they turned to me and said Auntie diddle we have been on line and we have found a website that sells all stuff to promote fibromyalgia and raise money for it and we have ordered you and us a wrist band in yellow that says fibromyalgia on it

i could have cried they are only 13 and 11 and to think that off their own backs they done that is wonderful how come in ones so young they are looking to see all about it as their auntie has it they should be on you tube !!

but i was so proud of them i think i have 2 amazing little nieces and they want to come round again and do my house work how lucky am i they really do put alot of adults to shame dont they

love to you diddle x

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can you find out what the site is called and share with us?

i for one would buy of it, im sure others will too xxxxx


i think they jus typed in fibroaction but there was a link on here yesterday ion one of the blogs about wrist bands someeone put it on here so go back to yesterdays blog i am sure you will find it or if not put it in google fibromyalgia wrist bands i am sure it will come up as i wont be able to get in touch with them untl thurs am i think they are £1,85 each but you have to spend £3 good luck love diddle x


Aw bless, lovely to know they care xx


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