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bad day

Had a horrid day today no energy and every joint hurts.Pins and needles in my feet driving me mad again. the worst of it is i know i'm gonna have a bad night as well. Cant even concentrate on the things that normally help tried reading but nothing happening there read the page over and over and nothing would sink in.Hubby been brill though, which is a god send thankyou to every1, who helped me to get him to understand. Gonna try a hot bath now and take some more pills, hope to get to the doctors again see if they have any ideas oooooooohhhh a good day would be nice to look forward to

hugs to all

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bless you and your husband how sweet is he you got a good understandimng partner and it helps lot when your in pain to have someone who is there for you i hope your bath helped love to you diddle x


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