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one of those days

Im just having one of those days,Im so tired of being sore !! After no sleep lastnite my mind started going bak to that time wen I ddnt hav FMS,it seems so long ago .It really gets to me that my memory of thats fading - fast !! Sometimes the RLS feels as though if l had a zip going rite up my leg if l unzippd it then all that pain an tension would just flow away ,lm really sorry to cum on an be so down especially as wen l read how upbeat u all are and l try to learn from that but sometimes its just sooooo aaaaaggggrrrhhh !!

Thanks for giving me a place to let steam off , Rant is now officially over xxxx


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Bless you lesmarc and heres hoping you manage to have some sleep tonight.

Soft hugs,

Sue x x x


Thankyou Sue , soft hugs are lovely xx


Your welcome to let off steam anytime xx

I have those nights where my RLS drive me & hubby insane and I tell him I'm going to run round the Actually going out and standing on the concrete is quite relieving. I have also discovered coffee or fizzy drinks sets it off a treat so I tend to avoid it late afternoons/early evening, its not a complete fail safe but it helps. Staying postivie isn't the easiet thing when you feel like poop, try not to beat yourself up about it, we're allowed.



Thankyou so much for this ,you hav no idea the times I've had to get up to go and sit on freezing cold tiles or concrete becoz it actually helps .An evrytime I've did it I think I must be mad .but it does it really helps .Thanks for this xx Lesmac28 xx


Soft hugs to u Lesmac28 i know how u feel my RLS drive's me mad it's so annoying!!!! Hope u get at least some sleep HUGS :) SUZI XXX


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