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I've been falling alot and have kept a note on my calendar when its happened (doctors advice). With doing this I've realised how its affected me afterwards(later that day or following day). I seem to be completely exhausted and find it nearly impossible to do anything other than sleep. As I'm a single mum of 2 teenagers its not easy doing this but they do understand.

I now find it hard to plan anything to do with the girls cause I feel its not fair on them if I cant manage to do it with them. This is harder to do now as they have a better social life than me! But it occationally work out that we are able to do something at home (cooking, film or play a game.)


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Oh bless ya, sorry to hear you keep fallen, good that your keeping a record and mention it to doctor.

Today I frighten the living day lights out of myself. Hubby was at work, father in law (he lives at ours) was on his daily walk. So I thought ideal for shower and hair wash, have viral throat infection so not at work, thought it perk me up.

I was shower at just for a second went really dizzy and feel down. I managed to get back up. Didn't blackout or anything. It happened last week as well on my way to work. Think I will make a note of and see in just down to virus or the fibro.

Lou x


so for garbbled bits, hope you understand.


should say I was showering and just ......................... oh and fell not feel. lol Ill get there one day, x


Hi I understand about gabbled its, I oftern gabble if I want to say something and have trouble getting the words out.

Lou you were lucky not to have hurt yourself falling in the shower, I wont get a shower if I'm by myself at home, I just have a good wash. do keep a record on times you go dizzy to see if theres anything causing it.


Hello Yvonne,

I was/am a single mamma of 2 girls and thought they were understanding about it - my youngest was brilliant - so too, it SEEMED was my eldest. Until she dropped the bombshell 3 years ago that I'd ruined her life, blah, blah, blah - and promptly packed her bags and left home! - I was so gobsmacked I was left speechless. - I grieved the "loss" of her for 2 years before I could move on - I had to come to terms with the fact she was 20 and old enough to do as she saw fit. I've not seen or heard from her since - she just never understood how ill I was and blamed me for everything wrong with her life. My youngest daughter refuses to have anything to do with her sister as the elder one will not acknowledge me in conversations at all - and their "friendship" would be "run" how the eldest wanted it to be!!

We all - like you and your girls - managed to have family time etc., doing the things you all do - and planned around the Fibro - which I guess the eldest did not really care for - I think she was JEALOUS of my illness!

I hope and pray that you and your own 2 girls have a long, happy family life together - and despite how the fibro fog interferes - cherish each and every moment - that time slips away so very fast. I miss what we had as a family - but try not to dwell on it as now my youngest has married to a superb guy am proud to call "son" - and they've given me a wonderful Grandson- who's now 8 months old and a true blessing to my life.

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx


Hi i think oldest children just don't realise how how much their comments are. My eldest has also said I've ruined her life but my youngest can't do enough for me.

Maybe one day shell realise how hurtful her comments are especially as shes now hurt he back and can't do a lot of things she likes doing. I'll just have to wait and see but I wont hold my breath!


HI Yvonne, I went through a spate of falling for no apparant reason and had quite a few bumps and bruises. Are you taking any different meds or anything that could be causing it? I am pleased to say it hasn't happened to me for a while now but that may be because I have slowed down a lot and don't go rushing around etc.

I suppose if your children are in their teens they are happy enough to go out and do their own thing but great you can still have some family time too. Love Angela xx


Hi Angela I'm not on any new meds but have stopped having an afternoon rest cause of things that are going on here.

Back of to the doctors today and hoping to see someone differant for both me and my 15 year old. Will let you know it goes


Hope doctors went well for you Yvonne, love Angela xx


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