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trying to keep going

Doing my best to try and keep going - felt not too bad last week and my legs were less painful. But yesterday the pain came back with a vengeance and hubby came in from a hard day's work and had to finish off the dinner because I couldn't stand up any longer and was nearly in tears.

Phoned up the council today about my blue badge but won't know for another couple of weeks - the people in the office are so kind and helpful and suggested I send a supporting letter so am going to ask my physio.

Preparing to do battle with the benefits agency - am afraid to answer the phone in case they call me before I have spoken to my GP to ask for a letter saying I need a home assessment, so phone is permanently on ansafone.

I was trying to work out why I am getting so stressed over being asked for a fitness to work assessment when I am 60 next month and haven't been fit for work for 11yrs. Then I realised that it has brought back horrific memories of the way I was treated before I finally threw in the towel and gave up my teaching job which I loved. I often wonder if my boss, now retired, ever thinks what hell she made life for me and others she didn't like.

Don't have to go anywhere tomorrow because Virgin coming to change router (although they will probably need to come back when hubby at home) so am going to settle down with a good book, my tapestry and a DVD in the hopes that I will feel a bit better.


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Sounds like a good plan!


Hope yr feeling better soon take care xxx


Aw Caroline, keep your chin up, I hope for a much better day for you tomorrow. I'm sure you will start to feel a bit better when all these issues are resolved. Try not to think about the past and let that negativity affect you but try and look to a more positive future.

I think your plans for tomorrow sound great, hope you enjoy yourself. Take care, love Angela xx


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