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How is it ever possible to come to terms with Fibromyalgia?

I realize most days that I am unable to come to terms with Fibromyalgia and CFS - yesterday felt in good spirits, thought I can start thinking of getting a job - 2 hours later after shopping had to lie on the bed exhausted and in pain and emotional. This kind of thing happens over and over again. My mind is willing yet I am a prisoner in my own body, I'm able to do less and less. The psychological impact can be difficult to bear.

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This is one of the biggest problems with having Fibro on my opinion Reflections, coming to terms with it! It's easy to when we are having a reasonably good time with few symptoms and reduced pain, but then wham, not so easy when our symptoms rocket and our pain goes through the roof!

We can be full of good intentions on a good day, feel really motivated and ambitious, we start having hopes and dreams again don't we. All it takes is a flare-up and we feel we are back to square one all over again.

I am a naturally positive person, but I am struggling at the moment as I am going through a tough phase. I didn't get up until 3pm today which is unusual, didn't manage to get to sleep until about 5am, legs driving me up the wall with 9/10 pain levels and then 10/10, It's hard to feel positive at times like this when you're so darn tired etc., pain is relentless. However! - I constantly tell myself it will pass, it will ease, just hang on in there. . . . that's my way of getting through it. We all struggle, it's impossible not to, anyone would. It's how we deal with it and cope with it that's the $64m issue!

Some people can accept their Fibro easier than others, whilst others struggle to at all. I think it all depends on our personalities, circumstances, whether we have partner and family support or friends, all these things come into play when we are trying to accept the radical changes to our lives through having Fibro.

I have accepted my Fibro, or at least I think I have, but I have my moments. I don't think it's possible not to have moments when we don't want to scream from the rooftops. This is normal and understandable. I think we tend to be very tough on ourselves and think we should accept it, why should we accept it when we perhaps can't. All we can do at the end of the day is to manage it as best we can, to get the support that we can etc.

I do wish I had a magic wand though, I would wave it over all of us Fibromites. (((hugs))) xxx


I am having therapy at the moment, and i have to say I dont think its doing me any good. We are up to appointment number 7 of 10. My therapist has said she cant help me as I know everything already. The only advice she can give me is to wake up in the morning as the NEW me, let the old me go and mourn me, If it was that easy I would have done it myself months ago!

I wish someone had the answer

Gentle hugs xx


I think the hardest part for me was when I was diagnosed I was so fit and exercised it didn't really hit me that hard apart from the occasional flare up meaning a week off work, but pain meds ... I lived on them and I just battled through and I honestly think that that was a good and a bad thing... Good thingI had a life in my 20s , to look back on, bad because the painkillers were so effective i just pushed myself on not realising the pain was only masked and I totally burnt out in my early 30s, if I had paced more and reduced my schedule I am convinced I wouldn't be such a wreck in my 40s, yes I have come to terms with it but it's taken years to realise and give in to my limitations, so now I don't have the rages weeping and anger, I just think oh great another thing I thought I could do but I can't. I know I sound like Pollyanna now but looking at my life from a positive , if my OH or son want anything online I am always in to collect it, if my son needs me he knows where I,ll be and my OH accepts me and when I proudly say look I haved managed to dust today he says oh I didn't notice it needed it you always keep the place clean..... Not true, but my OH just doesn't notice. And finding my second home here has helped as I realise there are people better and worse than me and I can rant or chat or bug libby with messages when my brain goes.

VG x


:O ;) :P xxx


i agree with the girlies its really very hard to take everyday the same you go to sleep if you sleep ! and wake up with ur body saying how can i make her feel today! horrible illness this is and when ur in alot of pain its so hard to think positive ! im trying to desperately get a mortgage at the moment and the stress is causing overload on me but my family dont even recognise that im in pain when i tell them i dont think they want to as ive always been the one there for them and the one thats soughts there probs out and makes it better but it doesnt seem to go the other way ! so ho hum! but thats me stress doesnt do it any favours its like a leech and thrives on it so just take oneday at a time look at it like challenge thats the way ive come to terms with it and also yes rant on here its good because theres always somebody that knows what the hell your talking about that might seem looney to family!! :)


I know its hard for us, and although some days i dont cope at all well, but when i was a child I used to go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, at least once a year, sometimes more but it taught me one thing…how ever bad you feel, there is always someone worse off than you. That taught me more than school ever did, just seeing how other kiddies coped with all sorts of things, you just played together no matter what your problems are, and that has stayed with me many many years.

I have had a really rough year and not even wanted to be alive, but those thoughts are still with me and always will be!

Even if tomorrow I cant get out of bed, those thoughts will always be there!

hugs to you all xxx


I came to terms with it quite some time ago. I accpeted that I had fibro and it was now part of me. We have some awful fights, sometimes I win, sometimes the fibro wins. But at the end of the day we are stuck with it xxxxx



Agreeing with all of the above - it takes years to truly adapt & realize that at the moment there are no cures, Most people go up and down ( yo-yo illness) occasionally having a good day and thinking you are getting better - until the next day when pain kicks you back into your place. Learn to pace yourself but try and have a go at things - don,t become a prisoner of Fibro if it is possible. I find that it is a case of you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't with this illness regarding trying to join in with life. Coz no matter what you do or don't do one thing is for will still have Fibro tomorrow. Until of course the powers that be pull their fingers out and find a cure for us. Heres' hoping it is soon..........................One thing before I matter how hard life seems always try and is the best medicine in the world...I agree with the Pollyanna approach....there are worse things we could have been diagnosed with...Love & hugs...x


I don't think I ever will understand fibro I just get on the best way I can & still take my meds but they only dull the pain but as a 57 yr old I don't think I'm ready to give in to it just yet but every day is a struggle but I'm looking forward to my holiday for a big rest hope you get a few good days soon xx


Sorry to say seems were stuck with this auful thing.Ive been a sufferer for 15 yrs and I cant honestly say that i have come to terms with it Ive just learned to manage it as best as I can though somedays it still reduces me to tears .Try some heat pads when its really bad they do help a little.Leaving Warm huggs here Xx


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