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Had a crap weekend, been asleep most of the weekend and my fella was very unsympathetic that I was so tired, he told me to look after myself before other people. This I normally do but on Friday night a good friend of mine had a total meltdown and it took 4 of us to calm her down enough to walk out of the pub we were in, I couldn't leave her with the others as she needed all of us and yes I out her before myself, for once, and all I got was abuse and shouted at for it.

I am not a selfish person and could not have left her for the other 3 to it that wouldn't br fair This isn't the first time he has balled me out for helping others, I would prefer to be tired and asleep all the time after helping someone else than walk awya from a friend in need but wonder why I bother with my fella these days.

Ok rant over hope everyone is as ok as they can be and hope the better weather is helping you all xxxx

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Sorry you are having such a crap time, have you been with this fella long?


2 and a half years, was diagnosed with Fibro last year, also a coeliac which makes eating the right foods hard so do sometimes have to cheat and eating the "wrong" foods my fibro gets a lot worse xx


It does seem that after 2 years or so this guy should be giving you more support. Have you sat down with him and given him the whole...this is how its gonna be? Has he come to the docs with you to hear more for himself. Try and get him to look into what Fibro is by himself. I know it can be difficult on partners...we have all changed since diagnosis and that maybe not who they met and wanted to be with. Tell him that you need and value his support. If after that he is not so interested you may be in the wrong place. Im not an expert but I expect and get support from my better half. We have been together for over ten years. Dont settle for less than you are worth it!!


he has been there when I have had tests and drs appointments but thinks its all crap and I am putting it on so think you are right about the fact he isn't supporting me, he was there when I had beedles stuck into me and when it took me over an hour to stop crying from the fear or needles. Thanks for caring hun it has helped me to make a final decision xxx


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