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This blog is just to make us all realise how lucky we are !!!

My good friend has a niece who is 6 years old since birth her mum has takenher back and forth to the GP as she knew something was wrong with her anyway after 4 years they eventually listened to her and sent her for tsets as she could notwalk far her bones hurt her her eyes were red rimmed and few other issues but too many to list

Anyway it has ended up in the last month with her seeing eye specialist at a top London hospital ansd heart surgeons at Great Ormand st reet as she has got a heart condition (she was born with ) she is now gone blind in one eye in the last 2 /3 weeks and they said on friday that her good eye is now nearly as bad as her bad eye

anyway today she is travelling to

great Ormand Street on a train with her parents , no doubt she is looking out of the train window looking at the beautiful countryside and her world around her i expect she is taking in all the colurs and faces of people she loves as later today she will be sedated she cant be put to sleep as her heart is too bad and when shwe comes round she will probbably be blind and if she isnt she will be before this month of may is out !!!!

she is 6 years old and her parents had to sit and hear that news last friday after years of the mum saying something is wrong !!!!

that little girl turned to her parents on friday and said am i going to be blind ? and they had to say yes to which her reply was oh good i can have one of those guide dogs now !

how can you not smile at that for one so young to say something like that it made them all laugh under such terrible circumstances

so today when you are feeling low because you are in pain /your ibs is playing up or anything eslse jus think about that little girl and what she is now going to face when she wakes up

a world of sound and no sight and just think of the brave little attitude she has me included in this

love to you all Diddle xx

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yes it really does diddle ,

love and hugs to you and that brave little girl and her family xxxxxxxx


Thats true diddle there is always some one worse of than ourself out there so we must remember that always our pain is just for us to bare .

Did you get out with your we dogie for a walk ,still very wet down here in Wiltshire :-( soft hugs )))) Allan x


hi allan yes it was lovely out breathing in that lovely fresh ir makes you feel good doesnt it oops sorry you got rain and wind !!! well we had all that yesterdayand back with it tommorrow i think so will make the most of today , going to my sisters beauty room for a couple of hours she likes me up there on a monday i just sit at desk and spaek to the customers as they come in its nice gets me out of the house for couple of hours and dont know why but people seem to think the beauty room is a counselling session as soon as they come in the door they tell you all there troubles etc i could write a book !

still its nice love to you diddle x


Thats really sad :( Poor little girl.

Thanks for sharing Diddle and yes it does put things in to perspective :)


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