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What i mean by that is how come when ever we have a really lovely time doing stuff we all enjoy how come the next few hours or even dayswe end up paying for the pleasur eof having pleasure ?????

As much as iw ould lay my life down for my kids/grandkids jt hurts so much this stupid stupid pain ARGHHHHH

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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If only we knew the answer to that one!!! xx


Only been on this website a week or so but already some bloggers are becoming familiar to me, having seen several lovely comments youv'e left for others including me i'd just like to return the favour. Having not yet mastered how to enjoy the moment and relax and allow the reprecussions to pass by, thing is we fight it, sometimes I need to be told to relax and say sod it to the world and take time for me you deserve a break, if your anything like me everyone and thing comes first (isn't that a typical FM sufferer ?)

Hope you take time to chill and feel better :-)


Plus it's great to be able to speak freely, enjoying been on this website.


thankyou for that lovely blog to me blue bunny (love the name ) it is very kind of you and yes you have got me well and truely sussed out iput everyone 1st all the time but i am trying to learn to say no or i cant do it but it does come hard to someone who has always been a yes person !!!!

will try to rela a bit today going to see my sister at her beuaty room she is going to do my nails for me so hopefully will relax a bit then , love to you and glad you are enjoyng the site love diddle x


Hi Diddle, your comment about paying for what ever we do makes me think that because we try to do normal things, people see that and don't realise the effort going into what we are doing or that we are going to pay in pain and gross discomfort afterwards .- or in my case muttering some very rude words under my breath as I struggle to get out of a chair or out of bed the next morning

Just keep up your blogs, Diddle I am sure everyone takes notice and enjoys them


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