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My little ma has gone now he went at 12 so i have just gone through the house and done the washing and had some lunch well some carrot cake lol

I am absolutely worn out now that i have stopped it is usually the way

i have taken all my meds have just got to feed and walk the dog and then i am having a nice early bath and settle down for he nihgt

it is raining so hard now jus waiying for it to ease a bit before i pop out

hope you all having a nice restful day love to you all diddle x

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hope the rain holds off for you and your little doggy :)

enjoy your bath and rest diddle

hugs xxxx


Aw its really great to have them but a bit of a relief when they have gone home isn't it. Sounds like you had a good time though and I bet he loved being spoilt!!. Time to rest now though Diddle, you have been rather busy xx


rest up and try and enjoy the rest of your evening x


hi thankyou x how are things with your daughter now ? all sorted i hope love diddle x


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