fw hrs fun followed by the fibro

fw hrs fun followed by the fibro

well yesterday i took my grandson to see avengers assemble ,, which is a cracking film ,, after two hrs of sitting in a very hard seat was walking like a spazzy duck :) today so far its taken two hrs to hoover three rooms ,, have petted the bread thinking it was my ginger cat ( i must wear specs at all times ) and spilt the mop bucket all over place ( lets hear a round of applause for wet dry vacs ) ....but i think the bit thats got me is my ibs has kicked in and i struggled to wipe ( too muh info ) ,, but i focus on we had a good day yesterday .. so off i go to decimate the dinner x

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  • hi Trisha,I think your sense of humour is a great asset,I too,love to find something to laugh about. Well, I too,spill the mop bucket,drop things and walk into walls,get my words mixed up and can be an embarrasment on a regular basis. However,I have hours of fun by pacing myself eg I am having a sneaky stella lager while hubby is in the shower,wherupon his return,I will rustle up leftover curry from last night for lunch. Coping skills are my strong point loved your message! have a good day xxx

  • bless you but you made me laugh love diddle x

  • that made me giggle :)

    glad you had a lovely time :)


  • Hiya Trishia, so glad you had a good time, its nice to be able to spoil the grandchildren, I would do it too if I had any!! Have plenty of little ones to spoil though.

    Loving the bit about patting the bread, it did make me giggle.

    Take care, Love Angela

  • Trisha glad you had a good day out I'm sure your grandson loves you for it, it's a pity we all have to spill things and put our milk in the dryer, and cups in the toilet, (nearly did)!, but sure we just have to get used to it, and at least we are amusing anyone that's watching us, I always think I'm just feeling tired and need a rest and that's why I make mistakes with words and stuff take care xxx

    and my children grown as they are are very sympathetic with me, t.G. xxx, it's a good way to get help from them too xxx (Mammy sit down and have a rest and I'll finish that) and as WE all know I don't do it on purpose.

  • I hope you did'nt eat the cat now? lol xx

  • haha made me laugh < hey you know the new toasty bags for makining a quick toasted sandwhich well i use them ,untill today i pullout a plastic sandwich bag put my sarni in and pop in the toaster what a smell of burning plastic omg fibro you get me in trouble!

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