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Actually slept last night!

Well I slept quite well last night for a change. I suppose it could have been the whisky and lemonade I had about midnight that helped. My hubbie has helped me prepare a big pot of stew for lunch to have with yorkshire puds, so I am looking forward to that. Have come upstairs to write this as he is on the X box playing some game or other. Does anybody else keep hitting the wrong keys when they are typing now. I have to keep going back and ckecking it or no one would be able to read it. I am hoping to go shopping for an hour with my mum next week if I can manage it. Have seen some t shirts in Matalan I like, and I am having my hair cut on Wednesday because I am starting to resemble Worzel Gummidge. Is anybody else thirsty all the time aswell. I can't seem to drink enough in a day. Suppose it could be the meds.

Hugs and kind thoughts to everybody

Cath xx

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yes to both comments,I drink loads of fluids and also have to correct my tiyping all the time especially when I am tired but who cares? As long as we get the gyst of what we are saying,otherwise i woould be all day correcting the spellings! have a good day. it is poring down here up north x


hi you enjoy your stew we should be eating salads i the garden lol .yeah i do hit the wrong keys it not just you love diddle x


Hi Chris,

I wish it was as easy as that. It would save me a fortune. I will tell my GP about my thirst the next time I go. Thanks very much.


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