Just had my daughter call me she has been invited to a party tomorrow night she never goes out she is a brilliant little mum and had a really rough 2 years and she is does everything for her kids and never has time to herself her sort of partner the boys dad is working they are sort of on a break at min so he cant have boys but she knows because of my fibro i cant manage oth of them at once so her mother in law is having the eldest grandson and i am having the youngest one i know i am gonna be washed out he is being dropped off about 3 pm sat and picked up sun morning bout 11.30 am so i will look like a rag doll but i am looking forward to it too bless him he is 2 but he wakes up bout 2x a night for a drink but tht doesnt worry me not with my sleeping pattern

so woo woo my little man is coming to keep nanny company love to you all diddle x

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  • wooh thats lovely.

    Looking back at my childhood, sleep overs at Nannys was a big highlight. My niece (4) and nephew (6) love sleep overs too. I am always a bit exhausted after, but always worth it.

    See them most wkends, but they are on holiday at the moment. So will be a quiet weekend. LOL, But just spoke to them, the are beyond excited Lol.

    My sister says its pouring with rain, but they could be in the Carribean lol.

    Not the Norfolk Broads. Kids hey always look on the bright side. Have a good evening. Gentle Hugs Lou x

  • Aww thats nice for you Diddle enjoy the "special" time and try and rest before and after.

    Gentle Hugs,

    Sue x x x

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