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Hello all.

I must say I find all your posts so helpful. Since being diagnosed I have found you as such support. It's so good to know I'm not alone.

I'm wondering if anyone can help? My tablets are working great for pain and sleep but have been really suffering with fatigue. I recently invested in some raw cocoa powder and found it to be great for an energy boost. Unfortunately after a few days of use I have noticed that it flares up my IBS. So I was wondering if anybody had found anything that worked for them?

Since being diagnosed I have really changed my diet. Have cut out all drinks containing the nasty Aspartme & Acuselfme. ( what a difference this made!) Ive cut out caffeine & gone gluten free. & Massively cut back on dairy. I'm wondering what else there is left to try?

Thank you for your time :) wishing you all ' a good day'.

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I could have written this myself!

I too am having terrible trouble with fatigue, especially mid-afternoon, despite doing "all the right things" diet and exercise wise. I haven't tried the raw cocoa powder, but it sounds like this might not be good for my IBS either.

I am active, fit, have an excellent diet, yet still need naps in my car on lunch break haha!

Looking forward to hearing from the others x

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I am so sorry to read that, and I wish I had an answer to this issue. I tend to pace myself with whatever I am doing but it does not really help too much.

All my hopes and dreams for you





my fatigue is awful, some days cant do very much at all, others I can do some things but have to pace myself, what meds do you take, my sleeps terrible x


I take Dosulepin x 50g a night. So far so good, but I know they can wear off after a while of taking them. I'm just enjoying the sleep they give me for the moment. Hope you can get some proper rest soon. I've found that my fatigue is better now I'm getting a decent nights sleep, maybe visit the docs and see if he can give you anything?


will do, thank you, so glad for you that you are getting some decent shut eye, may it continue x


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