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I had my carrot cake then went to my 2 best friends and had coffeee and a goodold gossip which turned out to be a marathon lol we had a good 3 hours non stop yapping we certainly put the world to rights!!!

They both asked if i was ok and as usual i put my mask on and said yeah few aches etc(i was in agony all over ) but to be honest if i had have tolsd them exactly how i feel they would have concentrated on me all afternoon and i didnt want that i just for few hours wanted to talk bout men and their faults (sorry all you lovely men on here !!!) and just the usual girly stufff.

i left there drove home and took doggy to top of the road for 5 mins then my other friens called me and 45 mins later got off the phone to her so another maraton chat !!!!

just had a bath and now sittinfg on sofa with a huge wedge of coffee maderia cake with creme fraishe on the top it is yummy and totally well deserved after all the energy i have used today (mainly my mouth muscles ? but there you go that was my day

i am now waiting for my partner to come round and we will be watching deal or no deal and the syndicate

love to you all diddle xxx

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oh what a lovely day :)

glad you had a nice time diddle xxxx


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