i can't understand why it is that i am yet again so tired but i just can not clime the stairs to go to bed it reminds me of when my son was a baby and he was over tired but still wouldn't sleep he would fight it for ages. Its like my mind is constantly fighting it in order to not let me sleep and yet mentally i am so tired.

it's taking me ages to write this cause i keep making mistakes. i am soooooo sick of this. God; i could get a job as night security at this rate. only thing is i would be in too much pain to catch the anyone who broke in. lol My husband use to say i was the security guard for our home.lol

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  • i was awake i didnt get to sleep till about 3m i am exahsted and its every night , just woke up its 9 am . if it happens tonight i wiill log on to see if you are on x

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