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All i have done today is drive to my sisters beauty room about 5 mins in car and sit there with her for bout 3 hours and then drive home walk the dog 5 mins up the road twice and had a bath thats it so why do my wrists feel like i have been bouncing a ball contantly with the harlam globe trotters ? lol

and all across my shoulders they feel like i have been carrying sacks of coal all day ??????

i dont know i was in so much pain i had to have a piece ( well half well i will be honest a whole maderia cake )

but it looked a bit bland so i put some raspberry jam in the middle of it and then flashed it in the microwave for bout 40/50 secs then i put creme fraishe on the top it was lush and so filling

but to be honest i have only eaten an apple today and some of the belvita breakfast biscuits at mt sisters salon so thats my lunch and evening meal ( bit odd but that what i had )

then i will have a yogurt in bit and maybe some cheesey shapes yummy

oh well hope you all have a really lovey evening and will no doubt pop on here when i go to bed then maybe early ourd will see if not will talk to you all tommorrow

love to you all diddle x

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My wrists, neck and shoulders feel the same tonight Diddle, not sure the Harlem Globetrotters would want me though. At 5ft I dont think I would score enough points for them lol xx


lol diddles made me laugh how you changed subject!! just like i do!

but today i am the same!! my hands , wrists arm neck shoulder blades, front of my neck are so bad today!!! i think its this damp wet weather? not sure proper flare up today :-( no pills are helping at all, so glass of wine and even that says no too hehehe.

I car share at minute as my lovely ickle convertible got written off new yrs by taxi driver and still on going (long story) but arrrghh so i doing 100 -120 miles a day on average and and the work aswell which my daughter and other girl mainly do my hands were so bad i kept curling into fists driving with them such frustration and frowns on my face eeek .

luvly fluffy cuddly huggles to you my heart is on one aswell today feels tight and coming out my mouth.. maybe i should put the glass down .

I hope it eases for you tomoro diddlesy xxxxx.


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