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St Georges day

Morning everyone out there this is St Georges day and if we are British we should be proud of our Country even in the rain like today out there / I am still trying to get over last week's. Pain the demond fobro won't let up so keep taking the meds :-( the rain will not help us at all but I am British so I will fight on regardless , hope you all have a good day for England and St George . Soft hugs ))))) Allan

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You have a good st georges day allan. :)

Its lovely up here in the north, we havent had much rain and i am still hurting lol.

You keep up with your meds allan and i hope it eases soon for you.

hugs, kel xxxx


happy st georges day allan hope you feel better soon xxx


thankyou you too love diddle x


Hi diddle how are you today hope not in to much pain with the demond I wish that i could just take a pill and it would all be gone Lol well have a rgood afternoon soft hugs )))) Allan.


hi pain pain pain re you with me lol never mind i am still alive thats the main ything love to you diddle x


THX for all the relpy's you Lovley people means a lot xx

Soft hugs)))) Allan x


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