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I thought today i would give the wii a go thinking how could i possibly not be able to do that i am mid 40's i should be able to easily stand on the fit board and bend a tiny bit at the knees and swing my arm down a bit ?????

but oh my god i feel awful i cannot believe the pain it seems ridiculous i wanted to do it as i sometimes think this all may be in my head so i do it to prove to myself really that yeah didle you got it alright

do you ever do that push yourself as you think it is in your head ?

love to you all diddle x

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hi yes i was silly really but how do you say no they look at you and you look ok to them both my daughters said you dont ought to doit but thats like a red rag isnt it wish i hadnt now but least i know i cant do it love to you diddle x


Yes i used to all the time diddle,

I never took painkillers as i used to like to see how long i could go without them as i was never sure if just taking them all the time worked. stupid when i look back now lol.

Also i would try and rush around and tell myself 'you can do it' and then roll in agony on to the bed and never be able to get off it the next morning.

I am only 31 and i cant do the wii nomore.

I get scared of that pain now so i dont push myself nomore and i take my tablets on time now, rather than letting the pain get too much.

I hope your pain eases soon diddle, very gentle hugs, kel xxxx


Hi diddle you are brave THE Wi well I tried it around a friends house and it said I was 32 years old and I am 66 and I dont know how I got home Lol my legs were like sticks so stiff have not tried it since :-) I am hopfully on the mend diddle been out for a walk with my lovley wife Doreen's help just around the block looking foward to our holiday in 5 weeks time with the family to Devon some thing to aim for well hope you are ok and you did it alright x

soft hugs )))) Allan .


I think we all push ourselves sometimes Diddle to prove a point but its silly when you think of it cos it just makes us feel worse when we fail to achieve. Maybe next time your daughters could encourage you to do these things and you can do the opposite to what they say!! xxxx


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