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hi this might sound weired but im struggling with my meds they are being changed so often now i have to write down what ive tried im alergic to morphine, and penecillian, high dose tramdol and high dose co-codamol,

gapapentin and the other one begining with p made me a drunk or thats what i felt like it did nothing for the pain ive been given amitriplyn, duloxatene,and citralopram all made me sick and didnt touch the pain they given me anti depressents that made me more depressed is there anything that ive missed that might help for the pain at present im stuck with low dose co-codamol but to be honest i dont see the point as they dont even clear a headache.

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i have just been looking up an i notice i havent ried elavil for the fms is it any good and does it help with the pain


Hello again Tracy, Gentle hugs

Have you tried Pregabalin? It's an anti-epilepsy med that really does help Fibro pain. I've been on it 3 weeks and though I still get bad days - I find the give a good few hours relief. Or is this the "P" you tried before?

Carol x


hi carol thats the p it just made me feel sick and dizzy all the time i asked the gp if she could giva sickness tab to go with she refused so i war a travel racelet to see if it would work it didnt but thanks and the elavil i cant take i ve just read up on that im open to try anything

thanxs carol im might ask her if i can start from scratch and try again lol


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