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just want to say stuart i love you and thank you

well yesterday i bragged on here saying i was doing really well not much pain great weaher even managed to make a cake brilliant until about 6-30pm i was worn out my arms hurt my back frobbed sleep was restless today the sun is shining my arms are hurting badly so painting the shed is a no my back is in pain but im trying o ignor it my hands are swollen and stiff. but on a happy note im on the laptop watching my fantastic husband clean the cooker (mind you he made the mess) lol no really without him i tink i would have given up,

stuart is fantastic and i hope if you have a partner he is like him he does everything and more even when he is in pain with his feet

he cooks cleans makes me laughs cuddles me softly and does all the driving and forces me out of the house

i will say it took him a long time to understand but the more i showed him leaflets and talked about the pain the more he understod, so i just wanted to say thank you and i know he will be looking a the site later im wishing you all a man like stuart (and sorry but hes not for loan or be sold) hes mine and i refuse to give him up

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thats great tracy it makes a whole lot of difference when there is somebody at home that understands. so cheers to all the 'silent supporters' wouldn't swop mine for the world soft hugs xx


lucky you its half the battle to hae understanding group of peoplearound you bless ya hope you ok and dont brag about him too much his head will swell lol love diddle x


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