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I had a good day! .... and I feel 'worth it'!!!

I wanted to share some positive news! I went to London on the train yesterday with a friend to get my hair 'sorted'. I was a little worried that I would struggle with the walking and feeling tired, and not be able to manage my IBS whilst out and about - but you know what - I DID!

It was a long process at the hair dressers 4 and a half hours of being attended to, and the end result - I said 'Cheryl Cole has got nothing on me!' (re the L'Oreal hair advert) I felt gorgeous with a new hair colour and lowlights and good cut and fab blowdry. It is amazing how important it is to pamper yourself and feel like you look great - my pain was the best it has been for the past 10 days and I even managed a good walk with the dog when I got home. Thank You for hairdressers everywhere - they make a real difference.

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Hi Suzy, sounds like you had a fab day, well done for managing your symptoms too. Can we get a picture of the new hair do??

Take it easy today, much love Angela xx


new 'hair do' now proudly as my profile pic


that is so true had mine cut etc 4 weeks ago felt great the had nails dne yesterday so that perks you up a bit then i coloured my own hair last week but it still makes you feel good about yourself so glad you put tat blog on here iyt gives us all pleasure to know someone is happy love to you diddle x


I usually do it myself too - so it was a real luxury - one of those voucher bargains! I think the absence of grey for a while does make you feel better :-)


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