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I managed another 2 hours sleep last night !!!! well i would nt call it sleep i would call it my eyes were shut but i was still in the room lol as i was aware of my daughter coming in at 3 am (been to house party) and aware of cats having a ding dong and birds deciding to do kareoke for me

they should have given me the mic i could have given them a blast of dancing queen by abba lol

anyway the sun is gorgeous today and the sky is blue and i am now gonna get dressed and then my partner taking me to get HT leads for my car it has been playing up last few days so need to get them more money at least he does cars so dont have to pay labour lol jus give a kiss that will be payment lol

anyway i do hope that you all rested well and you are out of pain this morning but most of allthe sun is shining like it is

love to you diddle x


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