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Im Back !

Hello My lovely fibro Family Hope you are all as well as can be ! Havent written much on here recently as had a pretty shitty week n not felt well at all ! Got some good news today there is a fibro group starting up in my area next Friday so i am hoping to go and meet some other people like us ! Also got aletter saying they got my appeal forms for esa so my money has been re enstated for now going into hospital in june for surgery on my leg :-( as i cant walk at the moment so hopefully it will make things a little better have been told it will leave my in chronic pain so looks like i will be popping even more pills lol have been refused blue badge :-( so spend most of my life indoors but I have the best little boy in the world coming home from school to me every day :-))

hope you all have a great weekend xxx

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Hiya Sue, same here, giving in to it today though cos I have tried fighting it all week. Silly thing to do I know but I have just been trying to do a little each day and not gone mad!!.

Good luck with your ESA appeal, hope it goes well for you. Are you going to appeal the blue badge decisions? I havn't got one but have got the forms and am going to apply for one as I find it more and more difficult to go too far now when walking is involved.

Love to you and your little boy and hope you have a good weekend too, love Angela xx


Hi Ang

Thanks for your reply Yes I have asked them to look at my application again ! Good luck with your form :-) Anything that makes life a little easier has to be a huge bonus I was so pleased when I was first diagnoised with fibro ( i had never heard of it back then ) I honestly thought i had some terrible illness like Cancer etc as i was feeling so bad but I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy x


Hi Sue,

I've just got in half an hour ago after a really busy day and have to pop out again at 4:30 so I'm trying to catch up and see what's been going on today :)

Good to see you have a fibro group starting in your area. There's one in mine but it's on a day I work unfortunately.

Sue xxx


well glad you back and glad you have had some good news . sorry bout blue badge can you appeal love to you diddle x


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