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Im floating!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else have that feeling where you are up there above looking down on yourself?

A bad night sleep but not as bad as has been so thats a positive, but woke feeling weird. Like i am watching myself do things.

Made mistake of going Aldi's shopping as low on food now paying for it as shoulder and back in agonies.

Gonna try not to feel like i am being judged for my laziness today just because i havent the energy to do the housework.

Shopping always knocks it out of me big time but if i didnt do it no one would and couldnt do online cos havent been bank yet to put money in so can use card.

So joint of meat in slow cooker and now gonna take painkillers (strong ones again) and sit on bed for a bit.

Wishing you all a stressfree/painless day.


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It's funny you should say that. I was sat with laptop on my lap ( funnily enough) this morning and It felt like my body was numb from my neck down and I could only move my head. I was moving my arms to type however it was like I couldn't feel them moving. It was strange!!

I can't say it was like looking down on myself...however weird but nice at the same time!!

Hope your meat in lovely for dinner. You take it easy and watch a bit of daytime TV!! xxx


I pushed my elderly friend to the doctors in her wheelchair earlier.... I am now regretting it but hey, I made her happy!!!!

Don't let anyone judge you today, you know you have done what you could and be proud of yourself. Whoever judges you isn't worth worrying about.

Sending you gentle hugs and a peaceful afternoon!!! xx

<<<<<<------------ going off to watch Jeremy Kyle in bed ;-)


Yes I have these feelings often, its an odd feeling like you are really spaced out. I too am having a lazy day today as fibro playing up, dont worry about it cos we all have to do it. I dont care what other people think any more, just think of yourself and do what is best for you. Wonder whether this dreadful weather is having some effect though as I think sometimes it does.

Take care and look after yourself, love Angela xx


yes it is a veryweird sensation isnt it your not alone love to you diddle x


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