exploding head

when i go into certain shops not sure what it is but my head feels like its going to explode i feel really strange sometimes i think it must be there freeser cool departments but other times im no where neer these its such a strange feeling i just have to get out of the shop i cant explian what it feels like apart from thinking my head is going to explode

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  • Hello Tracy, gentle hugs to you.

    I have the same problem - and my theory is that as Fibro sufferers etc., we are more susceptible/sensitive to the energy frequencies from the fridges, freezers and lighting's that are in these places in large quantities - and do not affect "normal" people. I'd suggest using ear plugs and dark glasses in these places - especially the brightly lit supermarkets and high street department stores.

    I hope this makes you feel slightly comforted.

    Carol xx

  • thanks carol iwas starting to think it was just me and i ve stoped using our local coop as that was one of the worses places for me, ive told my doctor and she just laughed so ive now got a new doctor

  • Tracy, you'd be surprised how many GP's are not genned up on Fibro and all it entails for us sufferers. My blood boils when they just laugh at us sufferers. When I first went to a GP 20 odd years ago - long, long before I was diagnosed, I went about a pain in my left foot/ankle that seemed to "move" - what they call "referred pain" - the idiot laughed at me, said pain "does NOT" move - then bloody well called me an attention seeker! I chucked a bottle of juice over him and walked out! That juice was to keep panic attacks at bay - it helped calm me as I drank - He was so lucky I was not far from home - I barely got through the front door of my house before a massive attack came on. It was months before I went back and not one GP out of 5 or 6 knew anything about what I was going through, even when my ankle gave way in front of one GP, did I not even get sent for any x-rays or scans - but given Ibuprofen for pain - and they caused bleeding and ulcers in my tummy...my fight and plight was endless! But now I'm finally diagnosed as of 6/7 years ago and so glad I was NOT losing my mind!


  • Hi tracy,

    This happens to me and my doc thought it was anxiety.

    I have had cbt and it helped with other things but not the shopping. I feel like i need to get out or just stand there and scream.

    The coop is bad for me but i find tescos is the worst, and i never go in there now.

    I am going to morrisons later and i have a shopping list and i do it in order then i can try and just concerntrate on that but it will proberbly not work.

    After i done cbt and found it didnt help my gp said she didnt know why it happens.

    You are definatly not alone and i am glad that i dont feel i am going mad.

    S good question lol.

    Thanx, hugs, kelxxxx

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