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I managed to get about hour and half sleep last night so thas better than nothing but it is still not right by any means so i will go to the GP next week as it will be about a month since sleep or lack of it has been so bad

i cant believe what people watch early hours of the morning lol oh well i have been up since 4.54 am just sitting downstairs i am now gonna get some fresh air in my lungs and hobble witht the dog to top of the road that will def wake me up the cold air love to you all and hope hat you had good night free from pain love to you all diddle x

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Hi Diddle,

I know just how you feel. I don't have any trouble getting off to sleep. I fall asleep around 10 but awake again at 12. You walk around next day like a zombie.

I channel hop at night and i know what you mean i can't believe some programes they are really shocking.

Take care.

Love and gentle hugs,

Bonnie Lass


bless you i am so worn out i just took my doggy to top of road and back about 5 mins hoping the cool air would refresh me but it did only for bout 15 mins lol now having a coffeee hopefully a burst of caffone will make me feel more alive love to you diddle x


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