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Thats the noise i a making getting up and uncurling mysel from bed! i am in pain and tring to stretch out gradually lol

i must look like a right sight ha ha never nind it could be worse . and the good thing is i am pleased to say i has 3 hours sort of sleep last night so thats a bit better double what i was gettng.

i hope that you are all waking up ok love diddle x

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well I slept for around four but because i didnt rotate like a spit roast chicken ( thats what hub says i am like ) i have sore hips this is mostly the arthritis, with a bit of fibro for good measure i have had my meds have myheat mat on for my neck and then it will do my hips and at some time i hope to get up and start to sort this appeal letter as its been going round and round, I tried at some time this morning to type it and would love to send it to them as when i tried to read it without a spell check even i couldnt understand what i wrote, fibro fog in my fingers it was soooo bad cannot believe what i wrote, sorry you had another bad night x


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