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Fibromyalgia Treatment is this any good??? i keep for some reason getting email about this

A medical procedure whereby Human Fetal Stem Cells are transplanted into a Fibromyalgia patient. These cellular building blocks are usually administered intravenously and subcutaneously (under the skin). It is a painless procedure, which takes place in approximately one hour, and has no known negative side effects*.

The Fetal Stem Cell searches out, detects and then attempts to repair any damage or deficiency discovered, as well as releases growth factors, which stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms.

Commonly, significant positive changes are seen between three to six months post treatment in Fibromyalgia patients. At times, these changes can occur in as little as weeks or even days after receiving treatment.

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I've spoken to both my consultant and my GP about these treatments, cos in the early days, I'd have done anything to make this Fibro go away!

They both said, that at the moment, there is no 'cure' for Fibro. These people prey on the vulnerable, and you have to question their agenda?

I think careful management and a cocktail of prescription drugs is the only 'cure'.

I've learnt to say NO now.

I no longer have any contact with people that stress me out, well apart from my children, but I cant do much about that ;-)

I eat healthier now that I have ever done in 48 yrs.

And I've learnt to listen to my body. If I feel tired, it's cos I AM tired, so I go to bed.

Admittedly, it's a very fine line I walk, as do we all, because the slightest thing can send me into a flare that can last for weeks. I've just come out of one that has lasted 2weeks and 3 days, not that I'm counting. And I've lost that time, I have no real idea whats happened in the last 17 days??

However, on a positive note, that was the first flare up since beginning of February, so I think I'm managing Fibro much better now :-)

Fairy Soft Hugs To You All :-)



hi i agree with the comments below ther is no real evtdence it is so sad how you alwayle and because people are so desperate all they see is the positive in what the person is saying or selling get people who prey on the vulnerable please always seek your gp s advice love diddle x


I also agree with the comments written above, I was told my consultant not to go looking for a cure as there isn't one. !! As someone wrote, they are just preying on the vunerable, they know we want a cure and some people will try anything no matter what the cost.


Hi everyone. Youre not wrong about dodgy people preying on the vulnerable. Ive just read the biggest load of B****CKS (somewhere.dont ask me where, coz when I tried to find it again,I couldnt remember how Id got there!!) Its claiming that if you buy their E-BOOK (at around $30) and follow the instructions, your Fibro will go away completely, and there are "testimonies" from people who bought this RUBBISH...oh sorry, I mean E-BOOK.


As Lynn said, there is no evidence for stem cell treatments for anything, apart from limited evidence in the case of traumatic spinal injury (afaik).


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