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back from drs

she looked at my hands my neck and played aropund with my knees she thinks knee,ankle and neck clicks are ligament damage but have to have an x ray on my wrists as she thinks i may have osteoarthritus . my esr levels were down last blood test which im pleased with.

fogot to mention purple toe and ask if i could do a little running but now not sure cos of the ligaments in my knee brain just goes blank when i go in there!

also double dosing my nighttime tabs dosulepin to see if it helps with the sleeping

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hi you dhould make another appointment how you described your hands it is like mine i got carpal tunnel and you should write e eything down and take it with you bless you se if you can see them again and mention toe to love ya you take care love to you diddle x


Hi Angie, have done that sooo many times, just put it down to fibrofog!. At least you are getting the xrays done to rule out or prove these other things. Hope the increased dosage of your medication hopes with the sleeping. Take care, Angela xx


thank you all, i had to wait 3 weeks to get this appointment with her but may call her about the running as its just a quick ask and she did say if meds didnt work at night to call her and she will give me somethings else although im quiet welcome to go and see her she knows what the appointments are like lately not so worried about the toe think its a bruise but will keep an eye on it


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