Hi sorry still a bit new to this and maybe should of put this in the question bit! Anyway has anybody found that other members of the family have fibromyalgia? My son has been in hospital with painful and swollen knee. they still don't know why and now want to refer him to rheumotology. Last year if had pain in both arms and couldn't bend them for a week and been complaining of pain in his jaw/teeth. Also my youngest ,now 8, when he was about 5 couldn't open his hands in the morning till dinner time. But now ok thank god but really worried i've passed it on to them.

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  • hi i am the only one in my whole extended family that has fibro i have never heard of it being hereditory or i personallty have nevre read anywhere it is either but ithats me there maybe someone on here who is alot more knowledgable on it than me but like i said i am the only one in my family that parents to grandparents to aunts cousins etc love to you diddle x

  • I have heard its herediatory and my mum suffers from it to, unless our doctors are just diagnosing everyone with it lately as it seems to have become a tag up here!!!

  • There is some evidence that fibro can be hereditary MariG. I googled it and found a site which said that it seems to be in mothers and daughters and maybe in fathers and sons but it's harder to identify in them.

    My female first cousin has it and myself of course but don't think anyone else in the family has.

    Sue xx

  • yes ive read a book that said it could be xxxx

  • Thank you everybody for the response, I hope i'm wrong and my son doesn't have it. They referred him to a rheumotologist at glan clwyd hospital only I found out they don't see children there only alder hey hospital do so i've had to tell them where to refer my son!

  • Hi MariG;

    i am the only one in my family who has this condition as far as i know but now that i know what the symptoms are i have a feeling my mother too is suffering from the same thing. I watch her and the way she moves even is just the same way when i am in pain with my legs and hips and she seems to be having a lot of other symptom that seems to point in that direction. she has been having these long before i was diagnosed but its hard for the doctors to say yeah or nay because she has so many other medical problems and she is getting on too but from what i can see its is spelling out fibro to me, its just a matter of convincing the doctors now.

  • Sorry pressed the send button too early.

    i too think my son has it. he is 24 and is suffering from all types of pains in his neck and shoulders/ docs can;t find anything wrong. i too pray that it isn't fibro cause he is so young and this would really damage his confidence. He has been going through some really times of late and they say that stress is a main trigger of fribro. I do pray that your son too does not have it. XXX

  • Hi.I think it is hereditory and almost certain that my 22 yr old daughter has it too.She hasnt been diagnosed but I think when you have it yourself, you just know. She'll say "this hurts" or "thats stiff". The other day she said she had to take a break at work as she was SSOOOOO tired. Everytime she says stuff like that, I say "Fibro". She isnt the type to make it up or copy, so I think she's genuinely got it. My son got my asthma and my daughter got Fibro (possibly). My poor kids.....

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