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Does anyone else feel like there is a dry patch on their eye? My right eye suddenly felt sore and dry today and now its all red, again!

Often feels like a dry patch?!

On Saturday early evening my left eye felt dry in the middle of the upper lid, an area like the tip of your finger just felt dry. Its really strange to feel that an area on your eye is dry and scratchy. I lifted my lid away, wiggled my eye around and let it go back. Its okay for a minute or two. The area does not move and I do not think there is anything there causing it. It left me feeling like I had tired eyes!

Today my right eye feels like there are two dry scratchy bits, one just above the tear duct and both tear ducts don't feel we enough. No sign of anything causing it and my eye is really red and sore.

Last time I saw my doctor he gave me Fucithalmic or fusidic acid, which I have applied again but it only gives momentary relief.

Does anyone else have anything like this and what can be done to prevent/solve it?

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Hi Sarah-Jane, this sounds like it could be dry eye syndrome which is another sympton of fibro. I have suffered with this for years and have even been referred to the hospital. They recommend you use hypromelose eye drops and/or viscotears gel to keep the eyes moist and these can be used as often as you need them. When mine were really bad I was told to use them every half and hour. Eventually I had to have a temporary plug put into the tear duct which did help.

If you have had conjuctivitis before it could be that so would be worth visiting either your GP or sometimes the pharmacist can advise you and you would see them quicker than your GP probably. It wouldn't be advisable to use the fucithalmic cream unless you know it is definately conjuctivitis.

The weather has been a bit rough lately and the wind can dry out the eyes, as can the sun and central heating. Its not very pleasant and when mine comes bad I just keep on putting in the artificial tears until it feels better.

Hope this has been of some help to you. Take care, Love Angela xx


hi no woo something i have not had sounds horrible bless you opeully you will get some advice from ppeople who have had this good luck and hope it gets better soon love diddle x


Dry eye syndrome is not a symptom of Fibro, though it can be caused by some Fibro medications, such as amitriptyline. Dry eye can be a sign of Sjogrens Syndrome, an autoimmune condition and this should be checked for carefully.


Looks like I need to talk to my doctor. Thanks everyone.


Take a trip to your nearest Eye Hospital. You can't be too careful with eyes. I suddenly developed Uveitis of my right eye last August Bank Holiday and am now under an opthologist at the hospital. Have been on steroid drops since December and since then my vision is blurred (ESA say I can work with vision in one eye !). Also the lid of this eye has dropped and by the end of the day is almost closed. I have been told by an optician that this may never correct itself. Apparently, Uveitis is another condition caused by Arthritis.

Get your eye checked out by an Eye specialist. Best Wishes, Barb xxx


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