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Doct !!!

was at the docs this morning .

for my injections and the dreaded blods AGAIN

nurse said this will hurt and your are will be very painful

hay today is sooooo bad and not been this bad for 2 weeks so just looked and said it can just be with the other as i no no different

then left and whent to the chemist for rept scriped

and as you all must do i looked to see i had everythink ?

And to my horrer there wad no tramadol and i had taken my last at 8 this morning so was due my next ones

so asket reseption could i see a doc !

no she says can you have a phone from doc . and what do i do stare crying like a baby .

all i am thinking is help! i need my meds so what did she do ?

you will be shocked she says sit down i will sort it . so she runs around and gets me a script. i have never had a resept do anythink like that

most of the time they are jobs warth but no not this one

she was fab . so that has helped me start to belive there is good people out there who care .so got home and i have never taken pills so fast

soft hugs to everyone xxxxx

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Hi Kath.....I used to be a doctor's receptionist and we always used to get bad press and there were and probably still are a lot of horrible ones out there, but I think I was always a caring receptionist and there are plenty who are. Glad you got a good one today and now you know which one is nice you could always go back to her again. Might be worth finding out her name in case you ever need help from her on the phone. If you know your job there's no reason why a receptionist can't get a script done in 5 minutes! Glad you got your painkillers in the end!


Glad you got them too Kath.

And I have to say Nicki, I've honestly never had a miserable receptionist wherever I've lived in the country, they've always been really great. :) I've been lucky maybe.


well done for sticking up for your self how great someone put them self out for you x

I am sure there are nice receptionists and like everyone they must get cross patients all the time as they feel ill .. but mine are sorry to say unhelpful at best but glad you got help..

(dyslexic hugs lol )


aw i done that few months ago wen to script and a new docor had done it as mine was on holiday looked down no coc codamol and note saying not happy to prescribe this lady co codamol with butrans as havent see n her in a while ?? well no you havent sen me as i am not your patient and my GP has been giving me this script for months arghhhh saw lady at reception she could not do anything luckily i had enough to tide me over for a week and my GP was back 2 days later

went home called again made appointment for 2 days toime with my doctor saw hr explained to her what happened ! she just looked at me smiled didnt say anything but her face said it all wrote me out a script for 200 co codanol and reinstated them on my repeat as the other doctor not only didnt let me have them but ook them off my screen !!! my doctoer was not happy but she sorted it which was good

why do they do that ?

love to you diddle x


Glad you got things sorted Kath, its nice when you get helpful people isn't it although I must say my receptionists at my GP are usually pretty good. Take care, Love Angela xx


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