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Do you know i am really not myself today sorry my friends on here have felt so worn out physically and mentlly today still not sleeping and it really has caught up with me today

to the point where i keep thinking iwas standing next to myself looking in on all this pain i am in and i actually began to wonder if this is really happening to me

for some reason today i just been looking at how my life used to be 2 years ago and how it is now ? i know i am luckier than some but i then kept thinking is this it? is this whay=t i have got now and maybe worse fo another 40 years if i am lucky?

in fact i went to a very dark place tonight and had to quickly bring myself back as that isnt like me i try to keep positive and keep everyone else the same but just having bad time at min then i look ay my dear friend jules blogs today and feel really guilty she is suffering at min an d where was i wallowing in self pity o worn out and in so much pain (still am) i was nt there for her what sort of friend is that ?

we all have our moments and today and prob tomorrow is mine i hate feeling like this i really do but i am so worn out with lack of sleep and jus really this flare up its been weeks

also every week i am getting another niggle to add to the list i surely cant get much more or they will put me in a museum as an exhibit lol

anyway jus wanted to say hope you are all ok hope i feel better tomorrow about things and hope i have not brought you all down jus neede to get all this out of my head and now i may sleep if i pray fior a miracle

love to you all DIDDLE X

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Hi diddle I`m just going to pm you hun

Butterfly xxx


Hey Diddle, glad I didnt read this blog first!. Dont look back but look forward is the answer I think. We all think about how we used to be but really we should be looking forward to what we hope to be. xx


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