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i have got to go now as wornout and in pain and spending day with my sister tomorrow so it will be tiring so i am gonna go have a hot bath and curl up the sun has gone the wind is blowing and i am in agony and need to put a wash on too so will be back toommorrow hopefyullyafter a good nights sleep ! what are the chances of that ?

I cant even be bothered to microwave a baked poatoe so am going to eat the last bit of ginger cake and fromagef rais for tea as if i havent had enough sweet overload today but that is quick

i hope you all have a pleasant evening and will speak to you all tomorrow love to you diddle x

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you too diddle ,enjoy you cake xxxx


good night diddle, sweet dreams, xxx


Aw Diddle I know that feeling well. I was wondering how you were doing with your new cake craze. I've been quite good today, didn't have lunch so I had a banana and a cereal bar and after dinner I had a time out and a cadburys flake desert. Trying to loose the taste for sweet things hahaha, gotta laugh havn't you!!

Have a lovely day with your sister tomorrow. Are you doing anything nice? xx


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