hi does anyone live in the crawley area ( bewbush) as i have to take my middle son to waterfield school each day for the branch class they have got at the school. as i am getting abit bored of just sitting in the car waiting for him to come out as he is only doing 1 1/2 hour a day at mo four days aweek and a bit longer on a tuesday. so if anyone fancy meeting up for a chat that would be great as there is only so much looking round shops you can do.

takecare lou.xx

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  • i take me knitting and kindle with me. i can swim so hydrotherapy pool is no good for me and can get onto internet on my phone it just gets a bit lonely.

  • sorry i would if i lived nearer but iam in suffolk lol i got kindle brilliant for fibro sufferes love diddle x

  • Hi Lou, you don't need to be able to swim to use a hydrotherapy pool and you won't be on your own. Sessions don't usually last more than half an hour and you feel fab when you come out. Sounds like a great idea, check it out, it could be just the thing for you :)

  • im with diddle id be lost without my kindle best thing my kids bought me

  • i dont no crawley that well can just about find my way to shops goff park and hobbycraft and the school. so not sure where a hydrotherapy pool is in crawley.

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