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Dreams and nightmares

So last night got to sleep at midnight, woke at 3am from a nightmare that both my boyfriend and my Dad had been murdered by an assassin, toyed with the idea of taking some pills to get me back off but resisted that temptation, finally fell back to sleep around 4am and went straight into what seemed to be part 2 of exactly the same dream where my boyfriend and Dad were still murdered and I was making funeral arrangements - I think I prefer the insomnia! One of these days I'll remember every minute detail of these dreams and write a best selling novel!

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had a few myself lolly..... not nice.. just glad its not to often x


This is something new for me, too. Just recently, I've been acting out somw weird horror film when asleep. Some I can remember, some I can't, but if they're REALLY bad, I wake up sobbing!!!

I dunno if this is part and parcel of the fibro, or the meds I take for it??


oh dear how awful and then to get part 2 as well that reallyi s awful hope you have sweet dreams tonight love diddle x


Hi Lolly, I have been through that scenario myself and found it very distressing. I used to dream such disjointed things involving people and situations I was familier with but non of them made sense. When I described this to a counsellor she said it showed that I was very stressed and in a bad way and this was how my sub conscience dealt with things. It did get a lot better although there are times this still happens. No nice though.

Hope its just a one off for you and you get a better night tonight. Dont know if I would want to write a book about my dreams though, they may carry my off!!. Love Angela xx


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