Bad morning

The morning didn't get of to a good start I oversleeped and was late for work . My brain has been in a fog all morning bumping into everythin knocking things over, but the worse thing I did was not shutting the hamster cage properly at a friends iv been looking after while there a way and of course it's got out, I spent an hour looking for it but as you've gest I didn't find it. Now though I am aching all over and just want to sleep.

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  • Leave the cage open and put some fresh fruit or veg in there. If it got out it'll come back when its quiet and its hungry. YOu will probably find it back in its hamster house later, they are very terratorial its unlikely to go far

  • Thank you for the advice julietu I shall do that and pray that it works

  • I've lost a critter or 2 over the years - they know where food and shelter is, and they have always reappeared

  • The hamster has been found I'm so pleased at least that's one thing that won't keep me awake worrying . I'm just glad that today is nearly over with. Whot with pain and Fibro fog x

  • So glad you found the hamster. :)

    You get your self an early night, you sound like you need it, i would after a day like that.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • oh dear it really ws fri 13th for you wasnt it lol hope your little hamster comes back oodd idea leave cage open with food/drink love diddle x

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