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Diddle would like to announce to you all that she has just eaten the last piece of carrot cake :( and now o must go to asda (not at min pouring with rain) and go and buy another treat .

as the nursery rhyme goes old mother diddle went to the cuboard and the cuboard was bare or should that be hubbord lol love to you all diddle xxx

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Oooo what treat will you buy diddle ?

I'm trying to ignore the 4 chocolate chip muffins Rich bought earlier . I've had to put them in the cupboard cos I swear I can hear them whispering to me...

Let us know what you get :)



oh i wiill dont worry i will purt a big announcement on here when i go it is raining at min so cant be bothered but need to go as i have stuff in the cuborad but not what i fancy lol i would be ok with choccy mufins i dont really like chocolarte cake much i eat it but not mty favourite of muffins now white chocolate and raspberyy asda ones mmmmm warmed up for 20/30 seds in microwave with double cream or clotted cream or that tinned evaporated milk now that is right up my street

hope tis rain stops and quick i got cakes to be buying lol love diddle x


that sounds really inviting i might make a carrott cake i havnt had one for ages and its better than chocolate its 1 of your 5 a day lol


I had some white choccie and raspberry giant cookies from Morrison's at Easter and made a total pig of myself with them, they were far too more-ish .

I love the Asda white chocolate and raspberry muffins but the local one doesn't stock them now and I think Rich might complain if I send him on a 10 mile round trip to get me some LOL

However......... I could just eat one now :(



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