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No before you all get excited i did not sleep throgh the night as you will see from early hours blogs lol

my 2 nieces are coming today to do my house work for me they are 13 and 11 and my sister has told them what auntie diddle has got and how it affects her so they asked if they could come and help me today my house is ok bless as only really me here my daughter out at wok all day then she home bath chnge and out (oh to be 19 again) and living at home with mum lol

i had better get my dusters\and polish out and the hoover.

i will get them to make me my lunch too and you can all guess what tht is cant you yep a huge slice of carrot cake and cup of tea .

love to you all diddle x

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Morning diddle sounds as if you are in for a nice restfull day with your Nieces hope they enjoy the carrot cake can I have some please :-)

have a good day soft hugs )))) Allan .


well if you want some of diddles carrot cake you gotta be mighty quick lol ask anyone on here they dont last long with the diidle carrot cake monster once they are opened that is it gone lol but if you can get here quick enough you are welcome to share love to you diddle x


Oh that is so nice, i wish my dear nieces lived closer, they adore me and always wanting to look after me but they live about 210miles away. : (

I hope you enjoy having them over and they are a great help. xx


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