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itchy and burning

im now going to take the rest of my meds and go to bed my skin is itchy and urning i hada hot shower and it eased for a little while but is now back with a burning in my teeth that i no will affect my arm neck face and chest if i hadnt had this off and on for years i would swear it was a stroke does anyone else get these symptoms or is it something other than fibro

on a more posssitive note i have got a meeting with dwp next week reguards my son who has right sided hemi but dwp have admitted that they were in the wrong how often does that happen maybe we are going in the right direction whoop whoop good night all luv lyn x

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I am going to see my doc about this but not till 4th May. hope he can suggest something to soothe it. It is a fairly new symptom for me, but having read on hear so many other people have it , its prob fibro


yep i get it nasty isnt it ,ive had a lot of pain in my face n chest tonite n same as u if i didnt know better wud think it to b heart attack .xxx


wow lets hope it is good news from dwp sounds hopeful so good luck to you on that hope you manage to sleep love diddle x


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