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pain and forms ?

another night on the couch as pain so bad the thourt of the stairs to much . on doubel water pills but still look as big as a bus and feel that big . And then we haave all the forms to fill out , oh great and if you put one word rong then that is that no help from anyone as now husband working , and only get work related esa so get no money just stamp and the pain , but the form and as we think the stres goes up so the pain goes up . i have tryed to to look on the websit and am going around in serculs and the strees goes up and the pain goes up . so the fog goes thiker and the form gets legs and seems to work around and sits infront of you shouting i an here come and see me you must do me hay don't forget me and the strees goes up and the pain goes up and the (FORM) stays god think will just throu the dam thing in the bin and forget it all to gether

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Dont throw it in the bin hun,

I am going to this cfs clinic today and i am going to ask if they can help me, but i am not pinning my hopes on it.

I got turned down for it last november and i didnt follow it up as i just wasnt strong enough.

So i will too be feeling like that too soon, but just do one page at a time. You have to explain every answer you give so they understand you better, so you need extra sheets to be able to do that.

Once you start it might not feel as bad., Start by filling in your details first and see if you can go on and answer the quuestions hun

Take your time and photocopy it all before you send it off, then you have all the answers in front of you if you get a medical.

Repeating your self is a key too.

good luck hun,

hugs kel xxxx


thanks jaz you just get to the stage where you feel like saying f--k it all , but then get a good day and say ye i can do it , the prob is you end up haveing to many bad days soft hugs good look today ksthxx


hi dont throw them away ou can get help to fill them all in and then like me too photocopy all the sheets or write them out and keep a copy so if you have to re fill it at another date you will know what you have written down it makes life so much easier dont give up ask your gp/dial/ or cab to help you or jus a very good friend or neighbour or family member love to you and good luck x


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