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So my renewal of DLA has been referred on for a doctors medical. I have someone coming to the house on Thursday morning at 9am. Could be a problem as I struggle big time in a morning. My hubby is taking the morning off work to be here with me, main reason being when I get nervous my mind goes and no amount of trying to calm myself works. I forget what I am saying, then I start forgetting what words are best to use. I am already getting wound up inside.

What cani do to ease the pressure? I already know that I will be really bad come Thursday due to the stress.

If ANYONE can advise me on what to expect, I will be extremely grateful

Gentle hugs all round

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Hope all goes well for you xxxx


Hi Deb,

It's probably a good thing if they see you at your worst, so don't make any preparations, or get in a state. Let them see how bad you are in the mornings.

It's good that your husband is going to be with you. They just ask a few questions, and may examine you, but you don't have to do anything other than be yourself, so please don't feel afraid.

Just relax and let it happen. If you need to appeal then do so - it's a nuisance, but most people seem to get DLA on appeal. If you've already received it for some time, you will probably get it without any need for appeal. No one can hurt you, so please put your mind at rest!

Moffy x


Hi Deb I'm new on here, but just as the moffi says try not to worry your illness is still the same it hasn't gone they are just doing test to rule out the skivers just keep calm I'm sure all will go well, good luck and God bless be thinking of u, gentle hug Cookie xx


I think it is a good thing they see you at some of your worst times. Hope all goes well for you.




Hope it all goes OK ...just don't do anything you cant do or you find hard to do on your own ie: that is when your OH is at work!

Will be thinking of you x

Rainbow Hugs XX


Thanks lovelies, I am petrified that I am going to be really bad afterwards, today I am lay in bed in a lot of pain. Been awake since 2.30 am on and off. Stressed out a lot xx


I think that as you are at your worst in the morning this will be a positive for you. I had a home visit in the morning too ( my worst time) the doctor was very nice, asked me some questions and asked me to do some physical movement like put my hands above my head which i couldn't, he also asked me to count from 100 backwards which i couldn't .

Don't worry about it i'm sure it will go fine

good luck

hugs Kira x


I had a home visit a few weeks ago ( still waiting for a desision ) this was on a saturday morning so my husband was there to help me dress other wise I would have been greeting her in my night clothes, I to was very nervous, she was rather nice, being nervous made me feel quite confused and I couldnt concentrate so my hubby said she got a taste of what I can be like. because it was early I had not had time to get motivated, I am sure you all know what I mean, any way this resulted in me not being able to do most of the stuff she asked me to, like balance on one foot ! as if I could do this at the best of times never mind first thing in the morning, I did try because I didnt want her to think that I was being akward but it was quite obvious that I couldnt. good luck and just be true to your self.

Good luck xx


Like others have said, it's best they see you how you are. Just be yourself.

Good luck xx


Just be you but have your husband put anything you need to assist within reach they may ask to go to loo or to check out your aids not often but it has happened one lady had a spare breathing machine

high up and it was frowned on she had to show them the one she could reach. They are a nice bunch on the whole not like the damn ATOS folks in their office I am going to need a medical for my ilf soon although they said last month I an

M good for three years. I am sure these people are aliens from space how do I know that....... Because humans have a brain that connects the left hand to the right. If you can't do something say so and explain why hugzzes petal


try not to be concerned the doctor that will turn up, will be a private doctor who will access how u are affected, of course he will understand that u get confused, its part of the condition. like others have said, its best to see u at ur worst; if ur husband is at home he can confirm how u cannot manage and back you when you cannot remember x


Hope it all goes well for you.

Could someone please tell me how you get a home visit?

I have asked time and time again and it falls on deaf ears.


I was just told it was happening sorry


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