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another day, another pain

hey everyone im not feeling well today i had 2 hours sleep iv woken up in more pain than i went to bed with im feeling depressed anyhow and this really doesnt help does anyone else get bruising that itches before the bruise shows im so carefull what i put on my skin cos of allergies but this is horrid i have such painfull itches that then bruise before fm i hadly bruise at all when i was knocked over i was hit on the thy brain fog sorry and thrown over the car into the windscreen and for hat other than pain the only bruse i got was a thumb sized one on my thigh and now i get a hand sized briuse from a needle lol so im having a duvet day today and my dog will be with me snuggeled into me sorry for moaning lyn

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Morning lynn,

I am sorry you are not having a good day.

I do bruise easily, and i cant cant itch myself as it hurts too much.

You take it easy hun,

hugs, kel xxx


Hi Lynne, I am always covered in bruises and dont know where they come from. Hope you enjoyed your duvet day, bet your little dog did too. Love Angela xx


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