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I could not believe when i put 0on my pc this morning all the blogs ref me and my carrot cake it really couldnot have happened on a better morning i not really myself today well i wasnt then i saw all your funny/lovely comments/blogs and pics and my goodness if that didnt kick me up the backside nothing would

i was going to see my daughter today and my grandsons but will see how i feel later on as i am bit washed out today if not i am gonna sit in the chair and do nothing yes absolutely mothing i hope that you are all ok and just think another few days i will be onto eating somrthing else lol love to you all diddle x

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Love carrot cake yum :-) yes please


Diddle youve made me smile everyday since i joined this support group so many thanks , no wonder ive had to get extra pads,[lol]have a good day and eat as much cake as you want


Hope you feel more your self soon

all the best to you diddle

gentle soothing hugs



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