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Gastro Endoscopy

I guys had a gastro endoscopy today for constant stomach problems together with frequent bouts of sickness, No untoward problems showed up! Well nothing new there then. They have taken biopsys for coleac desease and halibacta, but i am not going to hold my breath.

Does anyone else out there find that they have lots of problems that are investigated but yet nothing is shown and you feel such a fraud! Can everything be put down to Fibro? Since nov last year I have been in hospital for investigations for three different things.

Look forward to hearing from anyone x

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Hi Karen,

Last year I developed all kinds of weird and wonderful new-ish symptoms and seemed to spend every week at the hospital being tested for one thing or another , I had the gastro endoscopy , a barium enema , ECG , MRI on my knee and I've lost count of the blood tests ( had 13 in one go at one point ! ). Apart from a slightly inflamed stomach lining and raised cholesterol level all the tests were clear .

In one way it's a relief but in another it's blummin annoying because the symptoms are still there .

I find I tend to get a diagnosis of Fibro or IBS or whichever simply because nothing else can be found . I got tired of hearing NAD ( nothing abnormal detected ) .

Of course each test got me wound up and stressed and it then took a week to recover ! .

Hugs for you .



Thanks for your reply, isnt it just a nightmare, I was put into hospital by the doctor in Jan for chest pains and stomach problems, Feb i was in hospital for an investigation on my bladder as i have had bleeding and now today the gastro and nothing, nothing,nothing showing up ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's not that you want any other illnesses or seriously want anything to show up but unexplained all the time just makes you feel awful, as if no one believes you. There i go again on a rant, sorry. Bye for now x


Rant away, it's good to get things out of your system .

I've just changed GP's having moved house and I just know the whole merry-go-round will now start again :(



Hiya Karen, I have had lots of stomach problems and like you nothing has been diagnosed. I think a lot of it is different medication etc. which upsets the stomach. I have had a range of medication which helps and I am okay for so long and then it flares up again. Fibro has a lot to answer for doesn't it!!.

Have a good rest tonight if you can. Take care, Love Angela xx


Oh Karen I feel for you hun, also on that merry go round and cant seem to get off.

Collapsed last year, they thought was a blood clot, but all clear, put down to pulerisy. Then just one problem after another. Was diagnosed with fibro in Dec 2011.

Since Christmas I have had four episodes of facial shingles and then a few weeks ago had pain in upper left adomin. I have had my gladbladder, apendix and an a op on bowel, so none of them lol.

They did blood tests and my Liver Function Test were very high. They kept me in, had xray mri and you guessed it, nothing. Had endoscopy last week all clear.

Like you i do not want a illness (I have enough with the fibro, thank you very much), but just so frustrating I just want some answers. Something must be going on, I know its not that easy and I am getting good care. Oh i am so confused.

GP says its a process of elimination and it is a comfort to know they are investigating.

My bloods are being monitored and I am on a twice daily antiviral for the shingles. Being referred back to hospital, so who knows. Hope we both get some answers soon Lou x


Have had a gastro endoscopy some years ago and also 2 colonoscopys

When I first had very severe symptoms I couldn't believe it when I went for blood tests and the nurse took 9 samples at one time. All that did was to supposedly prove what I had not got .

The worst test was when I went for a connective tissue sample. I lay on a bed with a thigh exposed and the doctor stabbed me with a canular through the muscle right to the bone. I said some very rude words at the time ! It was b painful. and still no diagnosis


Thank you everyone for can i say it comforting messages! I know we r all in the same boat, it is just so frustrating, roll on the next test, (only kidding) don't want any more. Take care everyone and thanks again x


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