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I met my daughter for lunch drove and parked right in centre of town so decided i would put my skinny jeans on and high boots well when i say high they not huge spikey heels anyway i put them walked to bank about 3 mins away and said to my daughter i am gonna have to buy a pair of dolly shoes i cannot walk no she said you are wobbly enough as it is lol so off to peacocks we went and got a paier of flatties and promptly put them on Arghhh blisss i was tiny again but not wobbling think the boots will be put to back of the wardrobe to be worn emmmm never i think love to you all diddle xx

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no i dont think i will again its first time i had aheel on for months but i have learnt a lesson today mind you i could do it everytime i go out with my partner and gethim to buy me a new pair i would have awhole new wardrobe full of flattiies in no time mmmmm there is athought ???? thanks for that love diddle x


how I miss my heels, I loved them but cant walk in them now only flats, so now even my 13yr old daughters taller than me


lol i know my grandsons of 4 and 2 will be catching me up soon i am 5 ft 4" or i was everything else is shrinking on me so probably 5ft 2 now lol love to you diddle x


Well a girl can neva have enough shoes!!!

You have a couple of inches on me Diddle, I'm only 5ft and a fag end so if I shrink I will be a real midge!! xx


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