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here we go

well i just found your site and have been reading most of the comments and feel a kindred spirit with you all i have have wept with the post (sorry i cant remember your name )of losing your dad and feel the same but i have the added problem of my aged mum who was staying with us until very recently and i became unable to look after her because of fibro. now i feel so torn i cant physically look after her and my heart wants to take her home. she has some dementia and keeps asking. today i am aching in every bit of my body except maybe my earlobes lol i want to do stuff but cant thank goodness for the web to keep my mind active and find like minded folk. i want to go visit my mum so she doesn't feel abandoned and i can hardly get off the couch.

i have fibro arthritis myofascial pain ibs sleep apnoea hypothyroid and weight issues this fibro doesn't come itself does it. I have mobility problems even when i am not in flare as i am now

does anybody else seem to suffer more in April? i don't know if its the change of air pressure or what but it seems every April i am out of it

anyway i look forward to being a part of your community and reading your posts

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Welcome to our merry band. You will find funny posts, sad posts, informative posts, rant posts and totally incoherent posts (when the brain fog hits) on here. Its a space everyone shares how they feel with no judgement. We all feel guilty about not being able to help everyone else - thats the kind of people we are and thats why we are fibro sufferers. We all try to spend too much energy on everyone else and not enough on ourselves. Take a duvet day and dont feel guilty abut it - thats an order. Demand tea and crumpets, but dont feel guilty about it. We will send all our love and support - and dont feel guilty about that either. Love and blessings to you


Hi quine,

Its good to meet you. :)

Sorry you are finding it hard, yes i have had a realy bad week this week so maybe there is something about april?

You try and take it easy as stressing and running around is a big nono for fibro.

hugs, kel xxx


hi and a very warm welcome to you ihope that you find allot of comfort help and advice on here and feel that you are not ever alone there is always so eone on here tohelp you through the day with a joke or something happy days to you love diddle x


Hello and welcome i am pretty new to this site it has been great from i found this site

I wa really starting to think all my pain was in my head.

I can suffer some pain etc but its the fibro fogg i really really hate i am 47 on thursday and i feel like 90 someday i hate when i open my mouth and it all come out jumbled think god for spell check.


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