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pace it

I know im suppose to pace it when i get an energy spurt but i have a whole day cleaning and doing all the stuff i cant do,because i dont know when the next energy is coming,anyone else do this,its so hard too cse i have a disabled partner and a son who has a learning disabiltity and adhd plus 3 other kids.

Not had any energy in a while im putting it down to perhaps low vitamin D can this make you more weary

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I used to do that too but have learned the hard way. I think its all about prioritising what is important and leaving the rest. There are some jobs in my house that never get done!!. Is there any way your other children are old enough to give you a hand to take some of the pressure off? Love Angela x


Hi aimejo,

I too have learnt the hard way, It has taken me years to slow down and really think what is actualy important.

Yeah i sit in a dusty house sometimes and i cant just run to the shop when i run out of things, or jump on a bus to go and pay bills.

Aslong as i can look after my kids then everything else gets done when i can if i can.

It took me ages to guve up work and i cheat now at everything i do, like only iron one side of clothes and i have a handy cook book that i have made myself from easy recipes that i have found on the internet so i am not standing for hours cooking.

I used to feel guilty if i asked my children to do anything for me but now yhey understand they have to.

Iam sorry you have alot to contend with, it sounds really hard and i hope you can pace yourself out.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi yes i pace myself a few years ago you would windme up and watchme go but now i get up do what i can then stop and therest has ti wait but some days i do too much and pay for it love to you diddle x


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