not fare :(

as a lot of you know i got some new meds ,i was so chuffed

i got them last monday and they were wonder drugs lol

the pains in my legs had nearly gone ,i was feeling so much better

i had noticed some side affects ,but carried on hopeing that after i had taken them a while they would go

but no ,you guessed it they got worse :(

i dont understand codydramol has codeine in them dosnt it ?

i can take them ,so why cant i take dihydrocodiene,ive been taking paracetomol aswell to try and stop this migraine that has been hovering for the past week ,but this morning wham full on migraine ,

i can hardly look at the laptop screen ,its making my eyes water

its a bank holiday so i cant even talk to docs ,

my other side affects are not being able to go to the loo (and thats both not just constipation )

im so fed up everytime i find somthing that works i get side afects and cant take them

grrrrrr not happy :(

hope everyone else is having a better day xxxxxxx

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  • can you phone your gp emergency service for advise, hope your feeling better soon

  • please be careful Lynz - from what you've said, you've been taking extra paracetamol on top of the codydramol which already has paracetamol in it - it's dangerous to overdose on paracetamol as it affects your liver and other organs.

    also codeine will stop you up so it's recommended you take a gentle laxative overnight to keep you going regularly. at least that's what my GP told me.

  • This is true Lynz, Sammi is right. Best get it sorted today hun. Also taking too much medication can cause headaches to be worse I think too.

    Let us know? Hugs xxxx

  • Sorry your meds are giving you bad side effects lynz,

    What a nightmare but you say yu have bad heads my gp told me that taking codeine constantly wont help my headaches but actually make them worse so if i have a headache i dont take them i take just paracetamol.

    You will have to phone your doc in the morning hun and let us know how you get on.

    Sending you a big hug, kel xxxx

  • hello all ive been in bed all day ,just read my blog and i wasnt making much sense ,

    what i meant was i was taking codydramol but when she gave me dyhydrocodiene i stopped the codydramol ,so dont worry i havnt overdosed on paracetomol ,

    i think i will look up the number for out of hours ,thank you everyone xx

  • Sorry Meds are giving you horrible side effects

    hope you feel better soon


  • bless you therte shpuld be an emergency gp and if not call nhs direct they are good love to you diddle x

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